Legal Malpractice Claims: Incompetent Legal Representation

As licensed professionals, attorneys are responsible for the caliber of their work, and their clients are entitled to their strict adherence to the standards of the profession. If you are harmed as a result of your lawyer's failure to adhere to these standards, you may be able to recoup these losses in a legal malpractice lawsuit.

At Stuart Law Firm, we can advise you on whether your attorney has committed malpractice and can bring a claim on your behalf if appropriate. Our counsel is based on Antony Stuart's decades of experience representing clients who have been injured by another's negligence. His insight and perspective has provided tangible benefits to individuals and businesses facing a broad range of legal issues.

You have the right to take legal action to recover the damages caused. Stuart Law Firm has the experience and capability to achieve justice for you in that case.”
— Antony Stuart

Working Tirelessly For People And Businesses Harmed By Incompetent Legal Representation

It is important to understand that a poor outcome does not necessarily reflect incompetent legal representation. With this said, certain types of conduct, such as a failure to file a claim in a timely fashion, a failure to properly advise you, a conflict of interest, or a failure to meet deadlines may well be evidence of legal malpractice.

In every case of legal incompetence we accept, we will delve into the facts to determine all evidence that your lawyer acted incompetently. At the same time, we will develop your case to prove your full measure of damages caused by an incompetent lawyer. Over Tony's career, he has achieved successful outcomes for people who have been harmed by a professional's negligence. In addition to taking on legal malpractice claims, Tony Stuart has served people harmed by accountants, mortgage brokers, bankers, doctors, hospitals and their staff, therapists, mental health workers, appraisers, real estate professionals and others.

Legal Malpractice Areas

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We accept legal malpractice litigation cases from referring attorneys throughout Southern California.

Are you an attorney looking for a professional referral relationship to help your prospective client with a valid legal malpractice claim? Call us to discuss our litigation services on a referral basis.

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