Legal Negligence Claim: Failure To Properly Advise

A common error connected to legal malpractice claims and ethics complaints is a lawyer's inability or unwillingness to provide his or her client with sufficient information. An attorney should provide regular updates on the status of the case and communicate throughout the legal process to ensure the client can make an informed decision about the matter at hand. Failure in this regard can have devastating financial consequences. To name one obvious example, a lawyer's failure to inform you of a settlement offer can be a cause of damage if the case is subsequently lost or unfavorably resolved.

If your attorney failed to properly advise you of any vital aspect of your case, you may be able to bring a legal malpractice claim for your damages. For decades, individuals and businesses harmed by another's negligent or wrongful conduct have placed their trust in Antony Stuart of Stuart Law Firm. While based in Los Angeles, we represent victims of legal malpractice across California.

You have the right to take legal action to recover the damages caused. Stuart Law Firm has the experience and capability to achieve justice for you in that case.”
— Antony Stuart

Taking Effective Action After A Lawyer’s Failure To Properly Advise

We are able to help people who have suffered financial loss due to negligent representation such as:

  • Failure to obtain your informed consent for critical decisions about your case
  • Failure to advise you of an offer of settlement
  • Failure to consult with you before making a settlement demand in a specific amount
  • Failure to keep you reasonably informed about the status of your legal matter
  • Failure to promptly agree to your reasonable requests for information as the case progresses

Tony Stuart will listen closely as you discuss the specifics of your situation. If we believe you have a valid cause of action, we will thoroughly investigate the facts of the case and develop the evidence to prove the negligence of your former lawyer and your damages. Having won numerous precedent-setting cases over his career, Tony will be ready to present a strong case in the courtroom when necessary.

Legal Malpractice Areas

Failure to fileFailure to meet deadlinesConflicts of interestIncompetent legal representationFailure to properly advise

We accept legal malpractice litigation cases from referring attorneys throughout Southern California.

A note to lawyers and law firms: We frequently work with other law firms on a professional referral basis for cases involving legal negligence. Call us to discuss your clients' needs.

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