Negligent Lawyer Claims: Failure To Meet Legal Deadlines

Deadlines are an essential component of the legal process. Within any case, a lawyer is required to meet numerous deadlines. For instance, a lawyer must meet discovery deadlines. A lawyer must meet deadlines to file or object to certain motions brought by opposing counsel. To take another example, a lawyer must pay or post fees with the court in a timely fashion. A lawyer must disclose expert witnesses within a certain time frame. Perhaps most importantly, a lawyer must bring a claim before the statute of limitations expires. A failure to file before the statute expires can nullify the legal action altogether.

A failure to meet a legal deadline can irreversibly compromise a case, or keep the case from ever being heard. Any of these failures could be grounds for a legal malpractice lawsuit. If your attorney failed to meet a deadline and the statute of limitations expired, consider contacting Stuart Law Firm. From our office in Los Angeles, we represent people across California in all types of legal malpractice actions.

You have the right to take legal action to recover the damages caused. Stuart Law Firm has the experience and capability to achieve justice for you in that case.”
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Providing Vigorous Advocacy In Attorney Malpractice Claims

Failing to meet a deadline or letting the statute of limitations expire is fairly obvious negligence. Simply proving negligence, however, is not the only part of a legal malpractice claim. It is also necessary to show financial injury occurred as a result of the attorney's negligence. If our law firm accepts your case, Tony Stuart will draw upon more than 30 years of legal experience to prove each element of your claim.

Although many cases are resolved through a negotiated settlement, it is important that your lawyer can make a strong case at trial if necessary. In this forum, Tony excels, having secured favorable outcomes for clients in many jury trials. In all matters, you can be certain we will provide responsive client service, answering your questions and addressing your concerns in a timely fashion.

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