Attorney Malpractice Claims: Legal Conflicts Of Interest

Every lawyer owes undivided loyalty to each of his or her clients. Specifically, a lawyer cannot effectively represent a client if he or she is also representing a client with opposing interests. Further, a conflict of interest can arise if a lawyer is representing someone who has adverse or competing interests with a former client as well. A conflict of interest in itself is a breach of legal ethics. Conflicts can give rise to other problems, such as breaches of confidentiality.

Lawyers and law firms have a duty to investigate for potential conflicts of interest, and must turn down potential clients if there is a conflict of interest. When lawyers discover a conflict after undertaking a client's representation, they maintain a duty to withdraw from the matter at hand. If your attorney failed to protect your interests due to a legal conflict of interest and you sustained injury as a result, you may have a legal malpractice claim.

The caliber of your lawyer can have a significant impact on the overall result. For years, victims of legal malpractice have placed their trust in Antony Stuart of Stuart Law Firm. Our Los Angeles-based law firm protects the rights of people across California. With decades of experience, we have established ourselves by successfully litigating complex professional liability cases against professionals in many different fields.

You have the right to take legal action to recover the damages caused. Stuart Law Firm has the experience and capability to achieve justice for you in that case.”
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Protecting Your Rights Against Attorneys Who Have Caused Damage Because Of A Conflict Of Interest

Our law firm represents clients injured by a conflict of interest, including attorney malpractice claims related to:

  • Disclosure of confidential information
  • Representation of clients with opposing interests
  • Breaches of duty or loyalty
  • Failure to maintain loyalty to a former client

If we accept your case, you can rely on us to investigate and analyze the evidence to create a persuasive claim on your behalf. Whether your case is eventually resolved through litigation or negotiation, Tony Stuart will strive to achieve a favorable outcome.

Legal Malpractice Areas

Failure to fileFailure to meet deadlinesConflicts of interestIncompetent legal representationFailure to properly advise

We accept legal malpractice litigation cases from referring attorneys throughout Southern California.

Attorneys — if you have a client come to you with a valid complaint against another law, talk to us about a professional referral relationship for a legal malpractice litigation case.

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