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Following a serious financial loss caused by an unexpected event, we turn to our insurers to provide coverage for these losses. Insurance companies have the duty to make timely payments up to the limits of the policy to cover valid claims. All too often, however, insurance companies deny claims that should be covered, unreasonably delay payments or attempt to defend themselves against claims they should pay without hesitation.

Insurance companies understand that a certain number of people or businesses will simply stop pursuing these claims. If an insurance company has subjected you to these kinds of abusive treatment, you may feel frustrated and even powerless. Do not lose hope. Insurance companies can be held accountable for bad faith practices. It is crucial to have a lawyer on your side who can identify the issues and implement a strong course of action.

With more than three decades of legal experience, attorney Antony Stuart of Stuart Law Firm has successfully represented individuals and small businesses that have suffered financial injury due to insurance bad faith.

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Extensive Experience in health insurance bad faith claims

While our law firm accepts all types of cases regarding insurance bad faith, we have extensive experience representing individuals across the nation in health insurance bad faith claims. All too often, companies hold out their policies as comprehensive, when in fact the policies contain multitudes of restrictions and exclusions. Stuart Law Firm has safeguarded the interests of victims of health insurance fraud and insurance bad faith for years.

We are able to represent people facing a wide array of insurance coverage disputes, including denied claims, inadequate insurance coverage, and other bad faith practices. If we accept your claim, you can count on us to pore over the terms of the policy, looking closely at what your insurer should have done. We will then make a claim for all damages permitted by law. If negotiations are not successful, we have achieved notable results for our clients in trial, and will not hesitate to protect your rights in the courtroom.

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