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Dedicated to providing the highest standard of attention and representation to a select number of clients, Stuart Law Firm draws upon the collective knowledge and experience of preeminent trial and appellate advocates. The firm and its principal have pioneered fraud cases against unscrupulous companies that market sham health insurance policies. The firm and its principal have also been at the forefront of the development of the tort action for invasion of privacy and have won precedent-setting cases involving civil wrongdoing in a variety of contexts, from the abuses of overbearing church officials, to the misdeeds of insurance companies, product manufacturers -- even meddlesome university officials. Mr. Stuart’s formative years as a trial lawyer began in association With R. Browne Greene and Bruce A. Broillet of Los Angeles, leading to partnership in the firm, Greene, Broillet, Paul, Simon & Wheeler (I989). He was a founding partner of Paul & Stuart (1990-96) before he established Stuart Law Firm in 1997.

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